Sunday, 15 April 2012

Raining in Rome

This will be a photo-light post as we haven't really taken any since arriving in Rome. Despite the nice apartment in fab location, the last couple of days have been quite tough. I suppose this was always going to be some of the hardest few days of the trip - it is the biggest time difference we will have to do at 6 hours. The kids have been waking up very early (like 3.30am) and despite going to bed at 7.30pm ourselves, we are still knackered.

Rome is also not particularly pram or crutch friendly (we managed to buy Rob a pair after he struggled for a day without) - lots of cobble stones.

It has been great to see Aleen from my old mothers' group who, amazingly, lives about 10 doors up from our apartment. It was nice for Floss to her son Alex and play with someone her own age (although a bit of girl/boy divide on the toy front - Alex is a big robot fan). It has also given us something to do in the rain as Rome is not great wet weather destination.

Despite all that, I *am* loving being in Italy, finally. I will try to avoid the cliches but the food is bloody amazing and I could have spent 1,500 euros on clothes today with no problem at all. I love all the super stylish old men in immaculate overcoats and lovely cashmere jumpers. Even cheap old supermarket wine is delicious.

Aleen says the only too must-sees at the Colosseum and the Pantheon. We went to the Pantheon yesterday. While it is a bit of a shame that there isn't much information about its history when you get there, in some ways it is nice that the whole thing isn't over managed as it would be in Australia or the UK.

Freddie and I went for a walk to buy pastries in the afternoon and tried out his new backpack. I can't say that it is super comfy for me, but he loved it and looked so cute that he scored a free biscuit at the bakers.
We had a very quiet day today as the children definitely needed a bit of down time. My main achievement was getting Florence to eat 4 tablespoons of rissoni with tomato sauce. She is on strike and is refusing to eat most things unless they involve gelato or chocolate. I had an hour to myself and went shopping only reinforcing how ridiculously expensive everything is in Australia.

Aleen very kindly babysat for us last night so, despite the exhaustion we managed to stay up past 7.30pm and went and drank some nice wine and ate some nice cheese and charcuterie (or Italian equivalent - I am finding it difficult to not speak in French).

Anyway, the result of rich food late at night means it is 3.30am and I am up. As is Flossie - arghhh! This trip would be so much better if we weren't all so tired...


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