Sunday, 22 April 2012

A lifetime's ambition realised...

We've been having a fairly quiet time in Malta. We have to drive if we want to get anywhere so that means one, or may be two, outings a day at the most. 

For some reason it has been difficult to sort out food here - restaurants often don't open til after 7pm, or they won't do pizza until after 7, or you can eat inside but not outside (despite a fantastic view), or they are too busy and it will take an hour to get our food. I'm quite fed up with room service and bad pizza, but given Flossie's limited diet that what we are stuck with. I am having a bag of crisps for dinner tonight.

On the plus side, we found the Playmobil factory, thanks to our new GPS. This was a huge hit with everyone.
I love Playmobil!

So do I!

And I got to realise a lifetime's ambition - to actually sit on a Playmobil horse. 

There is a reason Playmobil people don't have bottoms - Playmobil horses are very uncomfy if you have one. 

And here is our little piggy on a little piggy...

In the late afternoon we went to Golden Bay - a lovely spot to have a drink and watch the sunset...if you don't have children, because the kitchen is closed and you have to forgo a drink so you can find them something to eat. GRRRRR

Nice view at Golden Bay
The reason we live near the beach

Today we went to a village famous for its Sunday fish market. It was a bit touristy and very busy, so we abandoned plans to have lunch there and made our way to the Blue Grotto - a series of caves to the south of the island.

Nice fishing boats

We took a trip on a little boat around the caves.


It got a bit scary - you can't see Freddie gripping my hand!

Notice how Freddie has wiggled out of his life jacket

We finally managed to find a restaurant that would actually serve us and I had some nice fish, which cheered me up a lot.

On the way back GPS Lady took us on a crazy route via tiny narrow lanes, completely pot-holed. We were praying not to meet anything coming in the opposite direction. Rob loves GPS Lady but I think she has the occasional off day.

I'm hoping to get back to Valetta in the next day or two to see the Caravaggio in the cathedral, given I saw no art in Rome, and also to get a phone sorted out for the rest of our Europe stay.

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