Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Malta continued...

Our Maltese chill-out continues - not much new to report over the last few days. We managed a return trip to Valetta for a nice lunch and (for me and Freddie) a look round the very ornate cathedral and a couple of Caravaggio's.

Freddie enjoyed playing on the cathedral steps.

Flossie enjoyed sucking up spaghetti over lunch. [This is a movie - I'm not sure if I've uploaded it properly, so you may not be able to see it.]

We went back to the beach so that Rob could take Flossie canoeing. She got ready...

...but chickened out at the last minute. Rob had a solitary paddle and worked up enough of a sweat to manage a dip in the chilly Mediterranean.

Other than that there has been a few swims in the hotel pool, a lot of pizza eating and some colouring-in.

The area where we are staying has some really nice old buildings and very impressive doorways - I seem to have photographed blue ones here, but they come in a lovely palate of deep red, lime green, cream and teal.

Today we had a return visit to the Playmobil factory following persistent nagging from Flossie. I had a great massage this afternoon and then we went for a walk in the park over the road. Floss and I have done a bit of exploring in the park over the week and as well as cute ducklings we found a maze, which she thought was awesome fun, a very impressive peacock, some noisy chickens and lots of tortoiseshell cats.

On the way in, we saw some men with a pony and trap who had stopped for an ice-cream. A photo op for Floss.

Tomorrow, we have the challenge of meeting Ryan Air's stupid baggage restrictions before we fly to Pisa. I hope GPS lady is on form for our drive up into the Tuscan mountains to meet Dad and Caroline. I have lost considerable confidence in her since she instructed us to "Navigate off road" yesterday.

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