Sunday, 8 April 2012

All packed and waiting for the taxi.

I have pages of lists with satisfactory crossing outs all over them. House tidy and ready to be sold. Builder organised for new house. Rob's heel fracture fortunately only a bad bruise - no surgery required. Flossie and I more or less recovered from tummy upsets. The quilt I was making for my sister is finished. Everything is organised for Little Bird. Mad men season 4 is downloaded for all those nights in hotel rooms when the children are asleep.

First stop Hong Kong. After the flight. With Freddie the amazing acrobatic baby. Who just wants people to hold his hands so he can walk everywhere. Who is too big for the bassinet.

Wish me luck!

Laura x


  1. I think you need to change your tour name to Six passports. We found Freddie's UK passport on your scanner. Go the girls with 2 options of passport control lines. Hard luck you Aussie boys with just the one long long line as an option. Good luck with that one Rob;-)
    I hope you're getting time to go bonkers in Honkers!

  2. Look forward to reading about your adventures and living vicariously