Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Encore Brittany

This is the Côte Sauvage where  Rob has been surfing:

This is what he looks like when he comes back from surfing:

Fortunately, he has really loved it and had his best surf ever the other day. 
He likes the surfing much better than the Menhirs that surround our campsite:

[I had a much better photo of him yawning in front of the Menhirs, but he is breathing down my neck to use the computer, so I don't have time to upload it]

The Menhirs are the same vintage as Stonehenge with the same 'what were they for?' questions still unanswered.

Rob is much keener on Ricard - the aniseed flavoured liqueur that you dilute with water. My sister once nicked some from my parents bottle and then topped it up with water, not realising that water turns it bright yellow! 

We have had a wonderful time with mum and Jo. We had a lovely afternoon in Vannes - a medieval walled town. This is the best photo of Jo I could get...

We climbed up on to the walls...

And explored the beautiful gardens...

Someone had an ice-cream...

Mum and Jo left yesterday to meet their friends who are sailing in Plymouth. We will see them on Sunday and Flossie can't wait, so while everything feels a bit quiet, we are not feeling too sad as the cabin is now a bit more spacious. Space is pretty tight...

World's smallest bath

World's smallest shower
 In other news: FREDDIE IS WALKING!

Also, the sale of 33 Melrose went through today so, as long as all goes swimmingly with the sale of 38, we are set to move when we get back. Gavin the builder is heading in with sledge hammer and asbestos removal suit tomorrow.

Paris tomorrow too, and an evening out for me!

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