Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Paris in bullets

  • Paris is a very different place when you have children to when you are 18, foot-loose and fancy free - more slides, less sites

  • St Chapelle still takes my breath away, and my little girl seemed to love it too

  • It was great to see Kate who is now living every girl's dream - a flat in Montmartre and the whole of Paris to explore. A wonderfully welcome grown-up night out in Le Marais, including delicious steak tartare. 

  • Especially as the rest of our meals were picnics (albeit yummy rotisserie chicken from the butcher)

  • Where did this little girl come from? Given the choice of any present for hooking ducks at the fair, she chose make-up.  

  • The kids continued to make international friends

  • Rob still doesn't like Paris, although he grudgingly admitted the Pompidou Centre was quite fun 

  • We found the same weird Indian wire toy that I bought when I was in Paris when I was 8 - Flossie loves it 

  • We have had enough of hotels for the time being. The Paris one was nice but the room was small. We had to relocate Freddie:

  • I am really pleased we decided to hire a car and not travel by train - one Eurostar journey was enough 

  • Rob is super beardy at the moment 

  • God, it is nice being at mum's. Paris, je t'aime, mais Ipswich, je t'adore!

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