Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Two days in Lucca

We are having a great time in Tuscany, although the hot sunshine we had the first two days has been replaced by on-and-off rain.

We spent Sunday and Monday in Lucca, a lovely old walled city that is really easy to explore and doesn't feel too touristy. 

It has a very impressive cathedral that is currently being restored, but I found the carved columns and marble floors very inspiring.

On Sunday, there was a dance festival with different stages showcasing different dancing styles. We discovered we have our very own baby belly dancer in the making.

The other main discovery was a fantastic pizza shop selling slices of wood-fired pizza and something called chickpea cake by the kilo. Yum, yum. Over the two days, Rob went back three times.

Freddie has loved hanging out with his Grandad.

Freddie and Grandad enjoying their pizza
Flossie has had a lovely time with Nana Caroline. She has followed the morning make-up routine very studiously, got her nails painted and now has her own make-up bag with a whole assortment of flavoured lip balms.

Rob and I have enjoyed having their lovely company. Thanks for coming Dad and Caroline...

...and for helping us make some inroads into the enormous flagon of wine we bought in Barga.

We were sad to say goodbye to Dad and Caroline this morning. Today was a quiet one. We visited the May Day Flower Festival in a nearby town (a bit like Sydney's Easter Show at 1:16 scale) and then chilled at home this afternoon. I had a very rainy walk into the village to get bread and milk, only to find all the shops were shut - I think May Day must be a public holiday.

Much more happily dispatched was a scorpion that I found on my bedroom floor. How big do scorpions have to be before they can really hurt you? Here is a very bad photo, but it was about two inches long. Who says Australia is the only place with scary stuff?

Tomorrow we have an early start so that we can get to Florence by 9.30am so Rob can go on a Segway. Apparently he can stand the embarrassment. Photos to follow...

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