Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The building site

So, while we were away my builder, Gavin, and his team tore our new house apart. As you can see in these photos, he removed some internal walls, a shower room (see concrete floor area in bottom right of following photo) and some horrid aluminium windows.

All the external walls of the old 1960s extension were stripped as they were made from asbestos.

Then they knocked a larger doorway between the back room (which will be the kitchen/dining room) and the sitting room. You can just see this on the right of the next photo. The walls have been trued-up with plasterboard.

And the windows have been replaced with nice wooden ones:

The old kitchen has been ripped out and replaced with a bathroom (tiles still to be grouted):

New weatherboard replaces the sad old fibro:

Rob has a new shed (although no roof yet) and the frame for the decking is up:


This is our view now that we have chopped down some trees. It actually looks a bit more impressive than this in real life.

If we built up, it would look even better, but need some more money to fall off the tree first...

Taken by Rob standing on a ladder

I've got some good pictures of the bedrooms now they are painted but they are on the camera that has been mislaid in the move. When it reappears, I will do another post, including our make-do-and-mend kitchen. We are at least six weeks off eating any food that requires a saucepan to cook.

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