Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bali and reflections on a journey

We recovered from our arduous journey from Dubai and had a lovely five days in Bali with Rob's mum and dad, Jenny and the cousins, Liam and Zara.

I had a pretty lazy time - sleeping in til almost midday the first couple of days as we overcame jet lag and hanging out by the hotel pool for much of the rest of the trip.

Rob was a bit more active, surfing every day. These pictures are representative of the surf and surfing ability; actual surfing/surf conditions may have differed.

Freddie was very at home in the cocktail lounge.

Flossie suddenly started to swim properly by herself (although admittedly looks about to drown here).

We did get to a fab beach club one afternoon, Potato Head, which despite the strange name is an uber-cool bar with pool, awesome cocktails and great food. The architect, Andra Matin, is one of Indonesia's best. I wonder if he fancies doing a Clovelly beach house in about 10 years time? Margaret kindly pushed Freddie round for much of the afternoon so we could enjoy a few drinks without baby wrestling. 

But the main thing was hanging out with the cousins. They oscillate between being super sweet and super horrid to each other, but I suppose that comes with being 4, 4.5 and 6!

So we arrived home yesterday afternoon after a reasonable overnight flight from Denpasar. Freddie slept in the bassinet, which he is really too big for now. Either a foot or an arm were hanging out, or his bum was stuck up in the air. 

I'd say both kids are delighted to be home. They slept like logs last night, as did Rob and I. Happiness, for me right now, is my own bed, a full fruit bowl and seeing both my children eat three decent meals today.

But I'm so pleased that we did this trip. It has really helped Flossie get to know her extended family. It has ensured that we have some photos of our second child. I got to Italy and remembered some French. Rob says our marriage has aged 10 years (and seems to think this is a good thing - I suppose if you can travel for 3 months with small kids without killing each other that's certainly saying something). We have had an amazing family experience and we have the confidence that we can do it again sometime when the time is right.

For now, though, I'm happy to be here, packing boxes and getting ready to move over the road, catching up with lovely friends and neighbours, getting Flossie ready to start school, picking up with Little Bird, choosing a new kitchen.

I'm going to carry on this blog to record renovations and kid development, mainly for the benefit of distant family. No offence taken if you wish to tune out now! But thanks for reading up until this point - I've had a lot of fun writing it.

Laura x

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