Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Some stuff I've made...

I'm taking the leap and posting some of the things I've sewn on this blog. Partly because I am meeting up with some extremely talented and prolific sewing bloggers on Saturday for some fabric shopping and I feel a bit of a fraud. They have a link to this blog and must be wondering why I'm coming, given the total lack of sewing-related content.

So, here goes...

I've sewn a couple of things for Flossie recently, despite swearing off making her anything else because she never wears any of it. But we were going on a girls' weekend to Melbourne a few weeks ago, leaving Rob and Freddie at home, and I just couldn't shake the thought that a sunday brunch jacket and skirt would be perfect for getting lost in the lanes. Needless to say, I didn't get it finished in time, but I'm very pleased with the end result, especially the bound seams.

The skirt fabric is a Japanese linen I've had for ages and the jacket is a basic Spotlight drill that was the perfect colour - it is actually a bit darker and more plummy in real life.

She's worn the skirt a few times, but it has got warmer so I'm not sure the jacket will see much use until the Autumn.

When Oliver and S came out with the Cape Ann fabric collection, I bought a load of yardage in the pink colourway, partly because I was really fed up of making stuff for Flossie that she wouldn't wear. She proved me right by showing an unusual level of interest in her jump rope dress as it was under construction and unhesitatingly agreeing to wear it to preschool this morning.

I've also made a few things for the house. A blind for the bathroom...

I bought a pack of fat quarters for some astronomical sum from No Chintz and used double sided fusible stuff to applique triangles onto some voile from Spotlight. The light is rubbish in these photos, but the shape and colours work nicely with my little green mosaic tiles. 

I've also made a roman blind for the sitting room but I don't have any decent photos.

I have also done a bit of sewing for myself, but I think that can wait for another post.

In other news, we have a kitten.

And we had a lovely visit from Rob's brother and fiancé, James and Kellie. We blagged a wonderful beach house from some friends and spent a relaxing couple of days eating, drinking, learning to surf and hanging out by the bin.

I now have six t-shirts cut out and ready to sew - four for Freddie and two for me. Unfortunately, I'm discovering that sewing and kittens don't go. She is fascinated by the scissors and tried to eat a pin today. 

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