Monday, 20 August 2012

Kitchen of sorts and warmer

We kind of have a kitchen, a week later than I was led to believe. Still no work surfaces...

This is where the fridge, cooker and hob will go:

This is the island bench with ply bookshelves on either end:

This is the ply desk where I fantasise about clean, well-behaved children doing their homework....

The other major development has been the installation of ducted gas heating - a life changing investment that has taken the edge off getting up in the night to resettle Freddie or return Florence to her own bed. There is a vent in each room with a big return vent in the kitchen - cosy!

Ian has also finished rendering the fireplace, which now looks pretty impressive...

I think we are now a week and counting until the kitchen is finished, and it really can't come too soon. The temporary arrangement is really starting to get me down.

And we've still got so much unpacking to do - it's hard living in half building site, half storage centre.

 Anyway, at least some people are happy...

I'm so nice and warm!
So am I! 

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